Can whoever is sending my anon hate about my breakup please stop? I don’t know what you want but I would appreciate it if you would say it to me not on anon explaining why you feel this harassment is unnecessary when it was not even I who broke up with her?

Why do you feel the need to degrade me to less then human by calling me a female dog? Please explain what you want from me. I only did what was best for myself and that was cutting out a negative influence in my life. I’m sorry you are so upset about this,but can you please stop?

Anonymous: Just gonna say, this entire break up is your fault for being a stupid little bitch. I literally have never laughed harder at someone's stupidity. 

please just stop sending me messages i dont know who you are but just stop i dont want to argue and i dont know what you want me to do anymore why are you still bothering me about this????????

Anonymous: "I am dating the user adamgodtier" fuckin 

I’m sorry okay,I had forgotten to remove that from this blog. I removed it on my main. Please stop sending me these messages I don’t know what you want me to do just stop

Anonymous: Hey, guess what? You're a fucking bitch if you're really acting like this. Do you think she didn't try? YOU MADE OUT WITH SOMEONE AND SAID "WHOOPS I'LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN" AND SHE LET IT SLIDE BUT DO YOU KNOW HOW FUCKING HURT SHE REALLY WAS? She cared about you. You were a big part of her life and I am absolutely fucking disgusted by how your response is to this. Fucking calm the shit down and think over yourself before being a goddamn little bitch like this. 

Last I checked I am entitled to post whatever the fuck I want and I’m allowed to cut people out of my life that are a negative influence on my moods. How do you think I felt when she didn’t talk to me for over a month and a half? Maybe did you think the reason I cheated on her was because it felt like she was cheating on me when she didn’t talk to me? I think long separation should be considered cheating myself. How was I supposed to know she wasn’t cheating? When I asked her out she was cool with it but then later on she seemed like she only went out with me for my benefit. I tried to be there to support her when she flt bad and I had felt like breaking up with her for a while because guess what,I have emotions too and she never addressed them. She never answered her phone so I couldn’t talk to her when I felt bad and yet whenever she had a cry fest on her log I sent her words of encouragement and compliments. I wasn’t going to ask to receive them in return but last I checked relationships were mutual support of each other based on attraction. Not a one-sided support group. Fuck her for treating me like shit and I hope she sees this and cries her eyes out because she needs to realize you can’t treat a HUMAN BEING like she treated me. All she did was bring me negativity and I’m acting for my own good and cutting that negativity out of my life.

Don’t get a girlfriend who treats you like shit and never talks to you and then after not taking for a week breaks up with you on a ‘its not you it’s me’ basis. Fuck you. Fuck you. I wasted three years of my life being your friend to be treated like shit and discarded when you decide you are done with me. Never talk to me again you piece of lowlife negativity. I never want to think of you again.


GerIta is my no1, by the way.




why does everything turn into a “Canada/America” debate

we are a bromance

we should act as bros


#longest unguarded border in the world say what #cause we got each otha’s backs #you fuck with canada #then you fuck with the united states #and if you fuck with the united states #well we probably deserved it and we dont want canada to get hurt so they stay out of it

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